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W. Lindsay Adams

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W. Lindsay Adams

Professor, History
Professor, European History
Professor, Colonialism and Imperialism
Affiliated Professor - History, Middle East Center

Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities Building
215 S. Central Campus Dr. Rm 310
Salt Lake City, Ut 84112

Office: 337 CTIHB
Office Phone: 581-8592

1975 Doctor of Philosophy University of Virginia
1969 Bachelor of Arts University of Virginia

Selected Publications:

Pearson Weekend Biography: Alexander the Great: Legacy of a Conqueror  (Book), 2005

Alexander the Great: Legacy of a Conqueror  (Book), 2004

The Olympic Games: Ancient and Modern  (Book), 2001
[ISBN]   [abstract]  

Philip II, Alexander the Great, and the Macedonian Heritage  (Book), 1982

"The Games of Alexander"  (Book Section), 2007

The Hellenistic Kingdoms  (Book Section), 2006

"The Episode of Philotas: An Insight," Crossroads of History: the Age of Alexander, 113-126  (Book Section), 2003

"Philip II and the Thracian Frontier," Actes 2e Symposium International des Etudes Thraciennes, vol I, 81-88  (Book Section), 1997

"The Successors to Alexander the Great," in The Greek World in the Fourth Century, 228-248  (Book Section), 1997

"Perseus and the Third Macedonian War" in Philip II, Alexander the Great and the Macedoninan Heritage, 237-256  (Book Section), 1982

"Symmiktous Katoikisas and the City Foundations of the Thracian Frontier"  (Conference Paper), 2005

"The Frontier Policy of Philip II"  (Conference Paper), 2002

"Other Peoples' Games: the Olympics, Macedonia and Athletic Competition," Journal of Sports History, vol. XXX, 205-217  (Journal Article), 2003

"Philip II, The League of Corinth and the Governance of Greece," Archaia Makedonia, vol VI, 15-22  (Journal Article), 1998

"In the Wake of Alexander: Macedonia and the Aegean after the Death of Alexander the Great," The Ancient World, vol. XXVII, 29-37  (Journal Article), 1996

"Perspectives of the Greco-Macedonian Ethnicity in the Hellenistic Age," Journal of Balkan Studies, vol. XXXVII, 205-222  (Journal Article), 1996

""Cassander and the Greek City-States (319-317 B.C.)," Journal of Balkan Studies, vol 34, 197-211  (Journal Article), 1993

"Philip V, Hannibal and the Origins of the First Macedonian War," Archaia Makedonia, vol vol. V, 41-50  (Journal Article), 1992

"Cassander, Alexander IV, and the Tombs at Vergina," The Ancient World, vol. XXII, 27-33  (Journal Article), 1991

"Macedonian Kingship and the Right of Petition," Archaia Makedonia, vol. IV, 43-52  (Journal Article), 1986

"Antipater and Cassander: Generalship on Restricted Resources in the Fourth Century," in The Ancient World, vol. X, 79-88  (Journal Article), 1984

"The Dynmaics of Internal Macedonian Politics in the Time of Cassander," in Archaia Makedonia, vol III  (Journal Article), 1982

"The Royal Macedonian Tomb at Vergina," The Ancient World, vol III, 67-72  (Journal Article), 1980

"Cassander and the Crossing of the Hellespont: Diodorus, 17, 17, 4" The Ancient World, vol II, 111-115  (Journal Article), 1979

Research Statement

Primary area of interest is Fourth Century B.C. and Hellenistic Macedonia and Greece, followed by the Roman Republic and imperialism in the same period. Also, in terms of of specific topics, what Polybius called PRAGMATIKE (Political, Diplomatic and Military history); ancient Sport (the Greek and Macedonian Games); frontiers in the Balkans and Hellenistic East; and Macedonian Ethnicity and its perceptions. Finally, the historiography both during and of the period.

Research Keywords, Regions of Interest and Languages:

Keywords: Ancient Greek, Macedonian and Roman History; Political, Military, Frontiers, Sport, Ethnicity
Languages: Greek (10); Latin (17)

Research Projects

Blackwell's Companion to Ancient Macedonia [details]

Courses I Teach

HIST 2500 The Olympic Games
HIST 3000 Ancient Mediterranean World
HIST 3010 Classical Greece
HIST 3020 Age Of Alexander
HIST 3030 Byzantine Empire
HIST 4010 Roman Republic
HIST 4020 Roman Empire
HIST 4990 Senior Seminar
HIST 5010 Sp St-Greek History
HIST 6010 Sp St-Roman History
HIST 6900 Sp St-European History
HIST 6940 Directed Reading
HIST 6980 Faculty Consultation
HIST 7900 Sem-Ancient History
HIST 7970 Thesis Research-Ph D


2008 Virgil Award for Outstanding Mentoring of Graduate Students in History - History Department-University of Utah

2008 President, Association of Ancient Historians, 2008-2011 - Association of Ancient Historians

2002 University Professorship - Undergraduate Studies, University of Utah

1996 Presidential Teaching Scholar Award - University of Utah

1995 John R. Park Teaching Fellowship - University of Utah

1994 Ramona Cannon Award - University of Utah